Welcome Message

Welcome to the 3rd International MISt Congress

We are very pleased to announce that the 3rd international MISt congress is held at Tokyo Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa .

Fall is coming to an end but you can still enjoy red and yellow leaves for sightseeing. We hope many participants not only from Japan but also from overseas will join us and hotly debate MISt.

Japan MISt association began in 2009 only with me and four other orthopedic surgeons. Our aim was to exchange knowledge and enhance the techniques of minimally invasive spine surgery. Since then, other highly motivated orthopedic surgeons have joined the association and the membership has increased from 30 to 700 over the past 12 years. To increase global awareness, we have held international MISt meetings every year since 2016, the 1st in Singapore, the 2nd in Sapporo and the 3rd in Tokyo this time. The number of attendees increase year on year and it is expected that many orthopedic surgeons who love MISt will come from all over the world.

This year’s theme is ‘The State of Art  MISt ! ’. Nowadays MISt is widely recognized but still we have to develop new techniques and extend the clinical applications to evolve further. Eight comrades from China are to join us this year and Prof. Liang is giving us a luncheon seminar on their behalf. Prof. Yoshiharu Kotani will give us a special lecture about the present state of MISt in Japan and the application to the corrective surgery on adult spinal deformity.

We hope that this meeting renamed as international MISt congress will be the first step to our further development. Reception party is scheduled on Yakatabune (floating high-class Japanese restaurant) on the day before the congress and a pleasure trip to Hakone is scheduled for after the congress. We are hoping to welcome many participants from all over the world.



Chairman Takanori Saito, MD , Society for MISt

Congress President for 3rd international MISt congress

Professor and Chairman, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery,

Kansai Medical University